Benefits of Carb Cycling

sarah low carb cookingFor several years now, a number of health professionals have been extolling the virtues of carb cycling. Many people have experienced success using this method. The foods you eat matter, and some experts say it matters more than the kind of physical activity you engage in. To help you decide if it’s right for you, here are some of the benefits of carb cycling. Read more about diet plans for women and weight loss plans for men.

What is It?

As the name suggests, carb cycling involves eating lots of carbs some days and keeping them low on others. This keeps your body from getting used to a consistent carbohydrate intake, which makes it significantly easier to hold onto lean muscle while losing fat. That said, the benefits of carb cycling can vary widely for each person depending on the way their body is affected by carbohydrates. In addition, carb cycling tends to focus on eliminating “bad” carbohydrate sources and replacing them with “good” ones. When you consider that the average American consumes over 150 pounds of refined sugars each year, it’s easy to see how carb cycling can be a healthy option.

High Days

On the days when carbohydrate intake is high, you provoke an insulin response that provides your muscles with nutrients. This helps fuel muscle growth and gives them additional glycogen, which is what they use for energy. Furthermore, the increase in carbohydrates on these days will produce increased levels of the neurotransmitters involved in happiness and contentment.

Low Days

On days when you keep your carbohydrate intake low, you’re setting the stage for fat loss. When carb intake is low, you fool your body into burning fat stores for energy. In a time when nearly 70 percent of Americans are overweight, this is great news for anyone who wants to shed extra pounds. As an added benefit, low-carb days also make you more sensitive to insulin, which enhances your ability to build muscle.

What Are the Benefits?

There are several benefits of carb cycling that can be an advantage for almost anyone. It burns fat, helping you to slim down and enhancing the definition of your muscles. It promotes the development of lean muscle mass, which improves strength, appearance, hormonal profile, fat-burning ability and metabolic rate. Because it makes your body more sensitive to insulin, it can even help you avoid fat gain, insulin resistance and diabetes. According to Jay Robb, author of The Fat Burning Diet, “Excessive consumption of carbohydrate foods stimulates the release of a hormone called insulin.” Insulin makes your body store fat. However, when the you limit high carbohydrate consumption to every other day, it keeps your body guessing and actually prevents it from storing fat.

Carb cycling even helps you stick with a healthier diet, which can benefit you in numerous ways. This method of eating requires you to cut out unhealthy carbs like baked goods, candy, sodas and other sources of refined carbohydrates. Instead, you focus on eating healthy, nutritious sources of carbs like sweet potatoes, whole grains, quinoa and fresh fruits.

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Weight Loss Diet Plan for Women

weight loss diet plan for womenWeight loss and dieting can be a daunting topic for women, but with the appropriate plan, health and wellness can become achievable. Following steps to a healthier lifestyle and weight loss can take concentration, commitment and self-discipline, but the benefits far outweigh the sacrifices. A weight loss diet plan for women is possible and easy to follow.


The first step to a weight loss diet plan for women is a detoxification of the bodily systems. The food that we eat can bother and destroy our body internally, even if we feel decent on the outside. The key to weight loss is to heal the body from the inside out. This is why a detox is key.

For thirty days, eliminate all allergens from your diet. This includes, but is not limited to:
• Gluten (and all grains including wheat, oats, etc.)
• Sugar (including that which naturally occurs in fruits)
• Soy
• Nuts and seeds
• Dairy

The detoxification of your body will help you become more in tune with yourself and your relationship with food.

Diet Changes

After the 30 day detox, it is important to slowly work in food your body tolerates. The problem with most weight loss diet plan for women, according to Stephan Guyenet, an obesity researcher at the University of Washington, is that “they have limited efficacy” because sometimes “the body is actually resistant to fat loss.”

If you find yourself hitting a weight loss pleatau, consider the impact of leptin resistance. I previously have recommended the Venus Factor Diet plan to many of my female clients with great success. (Thanks Mary!)

Cutting calories by 50%, according to Guyenet, may help you lose weight quickly but it won’t help you lose weight efficiently or permanently. The suggestion is to not worry about calories, surprisingly, and focus on quality of nutrients, and foods that your body can tolerate.

What to Eat
After working in allergens that your body can (or cannot) tolerate, it is crucial to focus on these things:
1. Eating breakfast daily. Breakfast, like every meal, should consist of a protein, healthy fat and a carbohydrate, like fruit or vegetables. Eggs, bacon and fruit/vegetables are great options.
2. Fat does not make you fat. Healthy fats are important and should be present at every meal. Remember to add a healthy fat to your lunches and dinners! Grilled chicken with avocado is always a good choice.
3. Protein is key. Eating lean and good quality proteins will keep you full and satisfied. Make sure you are intaking enough protein.

It is crucial to feed your body enough calories so that it has sustainable energy to burn fat. Removing processed foods, grains and other intolerable foods from your diet will allow you to forget about calories and focus on quality of food and nutriets. Dr. Dan Pardi, a PhD at University of Netherland’s Departments of Neurology and Endocrinology, says that 90% of people who cut calories end up back at their starting weight within two years of dieting.