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sarah ellisonAs a personal trainer and nutrition coach in New York City, New York I have always believed that every little bit counts so you don’t have to be discouraged – proper nutrition along with training will give you drastic changes. I didn’t always have this drive, but what began as a hobby became a passion as I trained my friends and family and couldn’t believe the transformations I saw with their appearance, health and self-esteem. I believe every choice has an end result and every little bit counts.
I believe there is a simple formula: a healthy body equals a healthy and positive outlook on life. I create a customized workout for each client ensuring that the training meets you exactly where you are and continues on your journey. With a combined certification as both a personal trainer and a nutrition coach I have studied how the body works with the nutritional intake to offer a plan that will have you seeing results on a daily basis. Your metabolic rate can be overcome, and we have the willpower to overcome. My special program is based on the venus factor diet but I’ve improved upon it so it works long-term and not just for the first 12 weeks.

Being nominated for the XMP Award in 2013 and given the T-Up Award in 2014 has only driven my desire to help others on their path to being who they want to be. I want you to enjoy a new level of fitness, energy, and best yet, confidence. I want to help create the healthy body through fitness, as well as creating the life and health that reflects your best self and deepest desires. Anything is possible when you strive for your goal. With a little work and a dedicated mind anything is possible.

My Awesome new location!!!
My Awesome new location!!!

With me as your mentor and coach you can expect to get results. It takes commitment to get where you want to go, and I can show the way. With a custom fitness plan you can begin to feel the difference within days. The addition of a nutritional plan will not only make you feel the difference, it will show. The energy gained from a single workout is unexplainable and I want to pass that on to you.

“I think everything came together when I met Sarah. She pushed me to actually get moving and it was fun!” ~ Bobby Booker

“I was not eating right. I wasn’t feeling right. Sarah made me feel like myself again. It only took a couple sessions before I found my smile again.” ~ Deborah Hampton

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